What Does It Cost?

EVERYONE is going to spend two things on their health- money and time. You can hire a trainer, or you can hire a doctor. You can buy food, or you can buy medicine. You can spend time in a gym, or you can spend time in a hospital. Overall, it is far less expensive to be proactive about your health. We recognize that the personal training at RPI is not your cheapest option. However, we feel very confident that we deliver more value for your money than any other training facility. We hope you will give us an opportunity to prove our worth. We invite you to come in and see the facility and let us show you what we can do for you.

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Short Term Packages: Are you new to exercise and afraid to take that first step? Do you want to learn some new exercise ideas or talk about your current program with an expert trainer? Our session packages are a great way to get the help you want without a long term obligation.

Per Session- $80: All of our sessions last one hour so that you can take the time to get a proper warm-up, ask any questions you might have, and get a great workout.  We know exercise can be an intimidating task for some people, but you can trust us to create a supportive, energetic environment to help achieve your fitness goals.

At RPI we focus on four key areas:

  1. Corrective Exercises to improve your posture and restore joint health.
  2. Gaining and Sustaining Optimal Strength and Flexibility to get you stronger and moving better.
  3. Metabolic and Cardiovascular Work to burn calories and keep your heart healthy.
  4. Massage, Nutrition, and Motivation to improve recovery and make you feel great!

Fat Loss Plan- $100: Includes a 30 minute assessment and consultation session, and a 60 minute personal training session. Depriving yourself of food and doing endless amounts of cardio is NOT an effective fat loss strategy. You will leave here knowing EXACTLY what to do in order to lose those unwanted pounds. Additionally, we will follow up with you via email to answer questions, and make sure you stay committed to your fat loss goals.

Youth Athletic Training- Contact for more info:  Strength and Conditioning is not just for college and professional athletes. Young athletes need to develop their bodies just like they need to develop their skills. Quality strength training can help improve performance, but just as importantly, it can help protect teens from injury and improve their confidence and body image. We have worked with kids of all ages, from all sports and ability levels.

Long Term Packages: Are you tired of paying for a gym membership that you never use? Do you go to the gym, but have no idea what you are doing, and are not seeing the results you want? Rather than waste your money every month on a gym membership where you are left to fend for yourself, you can come get trained instead. Since we are a “personal training only” gym you will never be left alone to wander around the gym aimlessly wondering what you should be doing. Rely on us to hold you accountable, keep you motivated, and ensure that you are actually using your training time effectively.

9 sessions per month- $400 per month
13 sessions per month- $600 per month

Training with other people makes exercise more fun and less intimidating.  We will evaluate your needs and goals and design a workout program specifically for you.  You will then be guided through every one of your sessions, ensuring that you are getting the most effective and efficient workout possible, and you will split the cost with other trainees. And you’ll fit right in- all of our clients are nice, friendly, and incredibly supportive.

Private One-on-One – $800 a month: This option includes up to 13 comprehensive personal training sessions per month and is a great idea for people that want extra instruction, or for people that need extra attention because of age or injury history.

Concierge- Contact for more info: Includes personal training, massage, supplements, meal plans, email and phone support, access to our referral network of professionals, and anything else necessary to make you feel your best. We will take complete care of your health, so you can focus on all the other aspects of your life.

Give us a try, and if you don’t love training here, we will refund your money. We are committed to getting you the results you want! If we cannot do that, we do not deserve your business. We know you have lots of choices where to exercise, and we feel that if you give us a chance, you’ll be impressed with what we can do for you.