Smarter Personal Training.

personalized fitnessPeople are busy.  Most people have a hard enough time mustering the will to go to the gym, so the last thing they want to do once they’ve made the effort is waste their own time. But that’s precisely what a lot of gym-goers do — by engaging in useless exercises, or simply by exercising incorrectly — they’re negating any positive effects.  Even worse, a lot of people hurt themselves while exercising, and it’s not always sharp pains, but those dull aches that people attribute to training hard or “getting older.” RPI offers personalized fitness programs with complete personal safety in mind.

There are lots of places to workout in Sonoma County, but finding good training programs and receiving qualified instruction from experienced trainers is rare.  Many gyms brag about having dozens of machines, or how varied or “random” the workouts are, or how many calories you can burn. All of those things might sound impressive,  but in the long run, how much do they really help YOU?  Most people are not interested in training just for the sake of training- THEY WANT RESULTS.

At RPI, we know that to get amazing results you need to have a personalized fitness program to target your goals yet still work with your lifestyle.  Otherwise, you are going to work very hard, with little to show for your efforts.  Yes, equipment in a gym is nice, but no matter its cost, the best equipment is worthless if it is used improperly, or if it is part of a poorly designed exercise program. We strongly believe there is more to exercise than just sweating or making yourself really tired.   RPI is your alternative to crowded gyms, dirty warehouses, and inexperienced “trainers” trying to present themselves as experts.

Our Trainers will develop a personalized fitness program that suits your lifestyle so you can see results fast.